What does Astrology say about you?


Have you ever looked up at the stars and played connect the dots? Well, the Babylonians definitely did and that’s how they invented astrology. In my own words, Astrology is the forecasting of earthly events by observing the movement of celestial bodies. It is also said that Astrology can determine people’s personalities. Depending on which constellation the Sun was in when you were born, your zodiac sign is determined. If you are interested in knowing what astrology says about you, keep reading!

December 22  –    January 19     –   Capricorn            

January 20      –     February 18   –   Aquarius  

February 19    –      March 20       –   Pisces 

March 21        –      April 19           –   Aries                                   

April 20            –      May 20          –   Taurus 

May 21            –     June 20          –   Gemini

June 21           –     July 22            –   Cancer

July 23            –     August 22        –   Leo 

August 23       –    September 22   –  Virgo

September 23 –    October 22       – Libra

October 23      –    November 21   – Scorpio

November 22  –    December 21   – Sagittarius 

       1. Aries– Aries is the first out of the 12 astrological signs. The symbol for the fire sign is a Ram. Aries are said to be determined, passionate, strategic, and direct. One weakness is that they can be aggressive sometimes. Aries is also really creative and have good leadership skills.

My Experience: I think that Aries like to have everything planned out and are very hardworking. They can get angry sometimes, but have a good sense of humor. One word to describe Aries: Ambitious     

2. Taurus – Taurus is an Earth sign with the bull as its symbol. Like their fellow earth signs, Tauruses like to see everything from a more grounded and realistic perspective. One weakness of Tauruses is that they can be Stubborn.  They are intelligent, dependable, and hardworking. 

My Experience: Absolutely love them. So supportive and caring, they are the ones who will always be by your side. Being an earth sign, they are pretty quiet but once you get to know them, you’ll realize how talented and loving they actually are. One word to describe them would be: Supportive 

3. Gemini– Geminis are extroverted, flexible, and clever. The twins are the Gemini symbol. One weakness that they have is becoming restless very easily. Geminis are said to be the social butterflies of the zodiac. 

 My experience: It’s true that Geminis are outgoing and extroverted. I just wonder how they do it. All the Geminis I’ve met are great people to talk to and hang out with. In one word- entertaining.

4. Cancer–  The crab. So astrology says cancers are emotional. Hyper emotional. I don’t know if I can believe this because I’ve only met one or two cancers and not once have I seen them cry. Astrology also says that cancers are devoted and loyal. Cancer!

My experience– Well I think I already shared my opinion but I will add to it. The cancers I’ve met are really nice. They are achievers and they are strong. Again this is just based on the people I’ve met. Maybe I just don’t know them well enough, but these are just the things I’ve observed, as an observant Virgo. One word I’ll use to describe Cancers- Caring. 

5. Leo– Lions! Leos are confident, joyful, and proud. Astrology says that Leos can be egoistic sometimes. They love fame and attention and are very generous.  

My experience– Again I don’t know too many Leos(I’m pretty antisocial I’m sorry)but the one or two I’ve met are really supportive and confident. One word to describe Leos- enthusiastic

6. Virgo-Virgo, the maiden or maidens are industrious, introverted, and practical. One weakness Virgos have is probably how much stress they take up for simple matters. Virgos also have so much mental energy and are right most of the time! 

My experience– Personally, I think it’s the best zodiac sign out of all 12. I’m saying that because I’m a Virgo. But come on, let’s be honest, what would the world do without these intelligent, critical, hard-working, practical perfectionists? I am pretty introverted sometimes and a huge clean freak unless I’m lazy. I’m also pretty observant to details, too much to where I end up overthinking everything. But I will always be there for some 80-year-old women-level life advice. So yeah, you can talk to me! Virgo in a nutshell- is Hard Working and the hard work actually pays off.  

7. Libra– Libras are extroverted, friendly, and compassionate people. They love balance and harmony in their life (like their symbol: the scale) and for this, they want to escape conflict at any cost. 

My experience– I’ve met A LOT of Libras, most of my friends in India were Libras, and I have a few friends here that are Libras too. I think that they are amazing people to be around. They are very comforting and fun to talk to because of their extroverted nature. One word to describe Libras: Fun

8. Scorpio–  The Scorpion, Scorpios are said to be loyal and shrewd. Though they can get jealous easily. Scorpios are born leaders, and very interesting due to their intensity and depth. 

My experience- One of my best friends is a Scorpio and she’s amazing. I think Scorpios are really cool people, they are also very reliable. They are very brave and engaging, really nice people to talk to. Scorpio is one word-  again, Interesting. 

9. Sagittarius– The bow and arrow, Sagittarius, is loyal, smart, affectionate, and optimistic. They are very talented and nurturing. 

My experience– I have SO many Sagittarius in my life, and every one of them is incredible. They are very thoughtful and loving. I always turn to a Sagittarius when I need someone to cheer me up and they are always there! One word to describe Sag: exuberent

10. Capricorn– The Seagoat? Well, the sea goats are very hardworking, ambitious, and practical. Capricorns can get a little irritable and fussy sometimes but they are very enthusiastic about life. 

My experience– Capricorns I think are the wisest and most intelligent people. Capricorns I know are very comforting and really nice. As earth signs, Capricorns are also very quiet but are amazing to talk to when you get to know them. They are always there for you and the kind of people you never forget in your life. In one word, I think Capricorns are cool.

11. Aquarius– The Water-Bearers. Aquarius is said to be the smartest sign accompanying Scorpio. They are advanced, clever, and optimistic. Aquarians can be unemotional and manipulative sometimes but they are pretty effective thinkers.

My experience– I’ve met very few Aquarians in my life, most of them adults. So I don’t know too much about them, but from what I observed they are really calm. They are pretty creative, smart, and really kind, like Harry styles for example(you cannot disagree with me on that).In one word- composed

12. Pisces– The fish! Pisces are caring, sensitive, and very mindful. However, they can lack the confidence to face reality sometimes. They are filled with graciousness.

My experience– I have met very few Pisces in my life but the few I’ve met are really comforting. They are funny and really nice to be around. Overall- Unique


Now after all these claims astrology has about humans born at a certain period of time, I asked an astronomy expert for her opinion.

Mrs. Kilbreath has been teaching astronomy here at Capital City for three years now. She loves astronomy because of the “vastness of space and all the cool things that happen in our universe.”


Mrs.Kilbreath’s classroom Room 306


 What’s the most fascinating thing about space other than space itself being fascinating?

“Space is super interesting but I think the life cycle of stars is the best. Born from clouds of dust and end in violent explosions with supernovas and black holes. It’s because of those violent explosions that we have a lot of the elements on Earth!”

What do you think about Astrology?

 “I think Astrology is fascinating to read about but not something I believe in or apply to my daily life. I know my sign out of curiosity but that is about it. Just not for me!”

Do you think it is reliable?

“I don’t believe astrology is reliable. Many of the descriptions are general and are made to apply to many people’s interpretation of the descriptions much like how a magician reads minds.” 

“When the signs were first assigned, it was based on where the sun was in the sky in relation to the constellations during specific days and months. Since then the sun and earth have shifted so much in space that the sun no longer aligns to those constellations at that time anymore.”

“It is also what we call pseudoscience, or fake science. This just means that it can not be scientifically tested. It is more comparable to a religion or belief and not science.”

“People are free to believe in whatever they choose as long as we can determine science from faith!” 


So coming to our main question:

What does astrology say about you? In my opinion,  nothing. It doesn’t say that you are this,  it just says that you could be this.

Astrology is Pseudoscience. I would tell you to look at astrology as a belief rather than a reality. I come from a place where astrology determines almost everything. Like when you’re going to get married, when you’re going to get a job or when is a good time to go for a job interview. From the minute you are born to your last breath, people believe it’s the stars that are responsible for your daily happenings.

I like astrology because I think it’s cool how humans related the stars to life on earth and I love looking at memes about the signs on Instagram. I think that astrology is compelling but I also think that life is too short to live by what we think the stars are telling us. The choice is yours!

If you find astrology interesting, this app called Orion is really fun. It predicts your day and also has tarot readings. You also get to read a bunch of articles about the signs.