Who Inspires Students the Most?


Rylea Sanning

Everyone has a person they look up to whether it’s your mom, dad, or baseball coach; that one person who motivates encourages and cares about you. But why do we find inspiration in these people? Well, I asked a few students at our school who inspires them the most in their life, but how can you narrow it down to one specific person?

Kambry Pistel-Pickett, 12

“My mom inspires me the most because she’s always there for me. She guides me and my brothers to do well and show us what’s best. The most valuable lesson her mom has taught her is to always keep going no matter what.”

Kirstin Chapman, 12

“Ms. Kiehl inspires me the most. She teaches her students valuable lessons. Ms. Kiehl is organized and always puts her students. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from her was that you may not know what to do in collage, but its about being independent.”

Next time your think about who inspires you, just remember to think of what they’ve done and how they’ve inspired you. It’s a good thing to have some type of guidance on your four year journey in high school.