Bryce’s Top 5: Most Dangerous Animals


Bryce Ritchey

There are a lot of dangerous animals in the world but what are the 5 most dangerous? Here is a list compiled from research found online.

5. Assassin Bug

As the name implies, an assassin bug kills. It bites your skin, sucks your blood and transmits a disease called Chagas disease, which causes infection and inflammation of human tissues. The assassin bug is ruthless to other insects as well. After it sucks its prey dry, the bug attaches the entire corpse to its back and walks around with it as a protective shield. That’s some sinister stuff!

4. Freshwater Snail

Death by snail is no way to die. No, they won’t catch you or touch you, but they are responsible for transmitting Schistosomiasis, a disease that infects the urinary tract and intestines. The disease spreads by contact with freshwater that’s been contaminated with parasites released by the freshwater snails. The condition is most common in developing countries where people use unclean water for daily living.

3. Dog

Think twice about cuddling with Spike, as he’s the third-deadliest animal in the world. Dogs infected with rabies are the ones who generally kill humans. The World Health Organization reports that dogs contribute to 99 percent of all rabies transmissions to humans. A vaccine prevents rabies, yet most of the deaths happen in rural areas of Asia, Africa or South America, where the vaccine is not always accessible.  

2. Snake

People either love snakes or hate them. There’s no in-between. Snakes kill about 100,000 humans every year, and they attack in a variety of ways. According to the World Health Organization , 600 of the 3,000 species of snakes are venomous. Some of the most dangerous snakes live alongside people in areas where access to anti-venom and medical care is limited (such as India). Other snakes, such as pythons or anacondas, will simply squeeze and crush you to death. Oh, and all the cobra has to do is spit venom on your face to kill you.

1. Mosquito

You may want to douse yourself in bug repellent after reading this. Mosquitoes are responsible for more than 830,000 deaths per year. And, unfortunately, that makes sense. Mosquitoes not only leave an itchy bite, but they are also carriers of illnesses and diseases, including Zika, malaria, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile and yellow fever  all of which are fatal. But let’s lighten this up a little bit! The best thing you can do to avoid a mosquito bite? Wear the smelly mosquito repellent and decorate your home with citronella candles for a romantic, protective touch.