CCHS Students: What’s your Favorite K-Pop Song?

Deniz Ortiz, Favorite K-pop Song


I Can't Stop Me - Wikipedia

Remi Taniguchi, 11
Song: “Twice I Can’t Stop Me”

“I like the speed. It makes it more powerful.”

Cassette by Demian on Amazon Music -

Beto- Demian Cassette 

“I like this song because it is amazing.  Also because it’s a calming song talking about memories about someone’s friend or one of your lovers and it all went bad, aka didn’t work out and I found it on the Korean radio.”



Solo (Jennie song) - Wikipedia

Ria- Kim Jennie Solo

“I like this song because I like that she shows the attitude of life. Also, it sounds great it has an amazing beat to it everything about it is awesome”


TWICE WHAT IS LOVE ? / 5TH MINI ALBUM album cover by LEAlbum on DeviantArt

Nana- Twice What is love

“What is love is my favorite song because I like the references they make in the music video.  I also like the beat, the clothes are nice and so are the colors.”


Ballroom Extravaganza": DPR IAN veröffentlicht neue Single

nataly –  DPR IAN Ballroom extravaganza 

“I like this song because it makes me feel good, a happy feeling.