The Most Popular Birthday Gifts


Remi Taniguchi

When celebrating birthdays, who doesn’t love gifts? For this article, I survey multiple CCHS students about what sort of gift they would like to receive on their birthday!

I surveyed 13 students and asked, which birthday gifts would make you the happiest?

Below are the options I provided:

・Personalized Gifts (photo, massage)






・Video Games

The most popular options students voted for included “Personalized Gifts like a photo  message,” “Jewelry,” and “Video games.” In the second place, were  cosmetics and flowers. No one selected cake or flowers.

For me personally, gifts that are personalized will make me the happiest because the memories of me and my friends are our own things. Nobody has that. 

I think the most important thing is not what gifts are from, but who gives you.

If your family, friends or someone’s birthday is coming soon, think of the gift to them carefully!