2022 Scary Movies for Halloween


Mariah Lewis

Number 1: Smile 

It’s the horrifying movie everyone is talking about! You scroll through TikTok when you see a video of people jumping out of their seats, that’s right this movie has taken everyone by storm. After a traumatic incident, Dr. Rose Cottor is facing a new terrifying reality. She must acknowledge her past to escape her reality.

Number 2: Terrifier 2

Since 2016 fans have been excitedly waiting for this one! This demonic killer clown is resurrected from the dead and ready to hunt once again. Will these siblings be about to survive this Halloween night?

Number 3: Grimcutty 

Are you ready for this year’s Huluween? Hulu has many things something out this October but everyone has been talking about this particular movie. Just taking a look at its title photo sends shivers to people’s spines. Based on urban legends and creepypastas, to show love to the 2019 film ‘momo’ this movie brings up the heat. When a terrifying meme from the internet comes to life, teen girl Asha has to take matters into her own hands.

Number 4: Piggy 

In this Spanish countryside movie, A overweight girl named Sara gets bullied by other girls in her village. When Karma arrives, Sara hears the news that the bullies from her village have gotten kidnapped. Sara has to make the decision of whether she should help and save her bullies, or get revenge.

Number 5: Hellraiser 

This reboot has scary movie lovers gripping their seats! Since 1987 this movie has been a fan favorite, now its the time that everyone has been waiting for. With Pinhead being played by Jamie Clayton, A young woman named Riley searches to solve the puzzle of her missing brother.