Phobias of Halloween


Rylea Sanning

Halloween is almost here! As children, some of us were thought the holiday was evil or bad, while others only cared about getting dressing up and getting candy, walking around seeing all the lights and decorations, and blowing up props. You can never stand too close to your parents and hold their hands when those scarier costumes walked past: like the zombies, action figures and clowns. Now as teenagers we like to get scared at haunted houses and watch scary movies. 

Younger kids seem to be the easiest to scare during Halloween, but not only do kids have fears of Halloween, but some adults do too. In fact there’s a phobia surrounding the day itself, it’s called Samhanophobia. 

People who have this phobia get feelings of anxiousness when they think about or experience anything to do with Halloween. Some people who suffer from this have been through a traumatic situation related to the holiday. Now when you think of a phobia or fear to do with Halloween most people would relate it to clowns or zombies.

If you are anything like me, you are more scared of spiders than something like Halloweeen. This phobia is called Arachnophobia, and who could forget bout the phobia of being afraid of the dark: known as Nyctophobia.

One of the most known phobias is of clowns, which is understandable. That’s a phobia called Coulrophobia. This one is the most common when its come to a phobia of Halloween, or people’s biggest fear when it comes to that holiday. 

Getting over a phobia can be hard but there are ways to get over them, the most useful way is like everyone always says “face your fear.”