3 Spooky Treats


Mariah Lewis

SPoOky CaKE poPS!- 

To start us off easy on our list we have cake pops! These ‘Food Network’ cake pops are fun and creative and can be a fun activity to do with others!

Ingredients and equipment 

-One 15.25-ounce box of yellow cake mix (plus required ingredients)

-1 cup vanilla frosting

-10 ounces orange candy melting wafers

-Jumbo black nonpareils, for decorating

-10 ounces black candy melting wafers

-Black sanding sugar, for decorating

-Small orange nonpareils, for decorating

-6 lollipop sticks

Step 1- Prepare or bake a cake! ( you could also buy a pre-made cake) Step 2- Break the cake into crumbs and add frosting, and combine until it forms a ball. Step 3-  take a small piece of cake and roll it into a small ball, then stick a lollipop stick into it. Step 4- melt your candy melts, and dip your cake pops. Step 5- Decorate how you like!

mONstEr RIcE KrISpieS –

This 3 ingredient recipe is easy and fun to make with family and friends. This recipe is from ‘Chelsea’s Messy Apron’.

Ingredients and Equipment 

-Parchment Paper

-Candy Eyeballs

-Candy Melts (bright green, orange, or purple)

-Pre-made Rice Krispies Treats

-Sprinkles (green, orange, or purple)

Step 1- take your rice Krispie and dip it into your melted candy melts (you can microwave your candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl) Step 2- add your sprinkles and candy eyeballs however you would like Step 3- Lets dry and enjoy!

Sweet and salty trail mix-

You thought the other ones on this list were easy, well this is the easiest one of them all! This two-step recipe is from ‘Mama Needs Cake’.

Ingredients and Equipment
-Big bowl
– Any candy you would like ( in this recipe we will be candy corn, nerds, and M&M’s)
– Any salty treat (in this recipe we will be using stick pretzels, and bugles)
– rice Krispie treats
Step 1- Cut up your rice Krispies into small squares Step 2- Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix, and enjoy!