Halloween Playlist

Lucia Howser

Nothing sets the mood for Halloween like some spooky music. Hopefully, these ten songs will help you embrace the Halloween spirit and participate in some Halloween antics. Whether it be pumpkin carving or partying, this playlist will create the perfect vibes whatever you choose this October (or any time of the year).

  1. Panic at the Disco- It’s Almost Halloween

    Arguably one of the best parts of Halloween is the month leading up to it. This song perfectly celebrates the traditions of carving pumpkins while also acting as a cautionary tale from Halloween one-night stands. 

  2. Shakira – She Wolf I think the lyrics “Darling, this is no joke, this is lycanthropy” speak for themselves. What better way to celebrate women’s self-empowerment is there than werewolves and synthpop?.

  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s –Heads Will RollPersonally, a song about beheadings and glitter seems like the perfect Halloween mood-setter. The lyrics may be a little bit repetitive but what synthpop, a new wave dance-rock anthem isn’t? 
  4. Cannibal- Ke$ha

    I think everyone can appreciate a small dose of Ke$ha once in a while especially when it comes in the form of a catchy song about cannibalism. Featuring lyrics about drinking blood and Jeffery Dahmer this has been on my Halloween list since it came out in 2010. 

  5. Rihanna- DisturbiaThis song was absolutely a Halloween cultural reset. I mean what’s more Halloween-y than lyrics about mental anguish set to a funky electropop beat? 


  6. 5 Seconds of Summer- Voodoo Doll5sos’s self-titled first album brought us many fan favorite songs like “Heartbreak Girl” and “She looks so perfect” but hands down the one most on theme for Halloween is Voodoo doll. This song’s lyrics feature the spooky concept of being controlled by a voodoo doll and the even scarier theme of commitment. 
  7. -The Eagles- Witchy woman

    Witches have been a staple of Halloween culture for pretty much forever and the Eagles definitely held up that tradition. You can never go wrong with it comes to Pretty women and witchcraft. 

  8. Rockwell- Somebody’s Watching MeEver wants to feel like you’re in a horror thriller? This song will make you feel like you’re spiraling into paranoia as you feel that somebodies always watching you. 
  9. Talking Heads- Psycho killerOctober is truly the peak month for true crime binging. There’s nothing like hearing about very real, horrific crimes to get you in the Halloween spirit. This song will help you channel that energy and put you in the mind of a “psycho killer”. 
  10. Zombie- CranberriesYou might think this song is included because of the obvious zombie motif but the true meaning behind this song is even more horrific for different reasons. It’s actually a response to the tragic deaths of two children killed in the IRA bombings in Warrington, England.