Celebrating 1 Year at the Gym


Drew Cox

I have officially been going to the gym for one year. And over the course of that year my diet has changed, the supplements I take have changed, the clothing I wear to the gym has changed and the machines I work on have changed. Over the course of that year I lost a total of 80 pounds. Going from 250 to 176-170. But how did it happen?

It was a birthday gift from my Mom to start going to the gym, as I was asking if we could for almost the entirety of middle school. When I first started going I had no idea what I was doing. I would just hop on random machines and do 1 set of 20 then switch. As time went on, my friends started going to the gym and we caught on fast on what to do. And now I’m hitting 10 sets of 20-30 on every machine. The gym recently got some new renovations and new machines and because of that I see more and more people that I know showing up to the gym that I have never seen go before. Back when I first started going I used to worry about my body, but now that I started going, I feel like I worry about my body more than I did when I just started. I was always bullied for how fat I was during Freshman and Sophomore year, and frankly that inspired me to be in better shape.

When I go to the gym now the only thing I see is to work hard and do good. I started helping some of my friends get used to working out to improve themselves and it’s such a great thing to see. I got myself on a calorie deficit and lost weight faster than I expected I would. I cut off all junk food for almost 7 months straight in an attempt to better my body image. I am most likely going to keep going to the gym for the rest of my life or until I can’t walk anymore.