Teacher Feature: Mrs. Kilbreath


Destanie Neal

One teacher I always hear something about in the hallways is Mrs. Kilbreath. I am constantly hearing how nice and considerate she is while teaching the material well. It seems like almost everyone likes Mrs. Kilbreath, but how well do we know her? Let’s get to know her a little better in the teacher feature.

What made you begin to think that you wanted to be a teacher? Or is there a reason that you became a teacher?

Mrs. K: “I loved working with kids and being in a leadership role. I did a program in my senior year of high school where I would spend my last 2 hours at a middle school, being an assistant to a science teacher and I loved it.”

When did you graduate from college?

Mrs. K: ” graduated in 2020, so COVID year.”

Where did you graduate from?

Mrs. K: “I graduated from Kansas State University.”

What subjects and classes are you certified to teach?

Mrs. K: “My degree is in Earth Science for 6th through 12th grade. So I can teach Geoscience, Geography, Mineralogy, Astronomy, Physical Science, and a bunch of other things related to Earth.”

So what classes do you teach at CC?

Mrs. K: “I teach Astronomy!”

Did you want to teach high school, if so why? Or why not?

Mrs. K: “I originally wanted to teach middle school because I love the chaos and the fact that they are old enough to talk about cool science stuff but young enough to still like the silly games and prizes. Cap City was my first and best job offer and now I wouldn’t change it for the world! Also, my juniors and seniors enjoy the silly games and prizes just as much so it’s a win-win for me!”

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Mrs. K: “I love getting students interested in space and learning and getting to see them become curious and ask new questions. Also, the relationships we build together are pretty awesome too.”

When did you start teaching at CCHS/ teaching in general?

Mrs. K: “Cap City is where I started my first year teaching in the school district but I have been in a teacher role for other jobs since high school.”

Has your experience as a teacher been pretty good?

Mrs. K: “I have enjoyed it very much. There will always be ups and down no matter what job but overall I love it.”

What is the hardest part about being a teacher?

Mrs. K: “Dealing with big behavior issues, students that give absolutely no effort, and having to put in a lot of overtime without pay.”

How would you describe your teaching style?

Mr. K: “I have been told I am a laid-back and chill teacher. I tend to have a more energetic classroom with lots of talking and moving around. I call it controlled chaos!”

How did you create your teaching style?

Mrs. K: “I just like taking a hands-off approach and letting students learn for themselves and be there to guide and answer questions as they go. It came very naturally to develop this style.”

When you got married, did that affect or change anything for you?

Mrs. K: “My day-to-day life didn’t really change much after being married as we were already living together for a while. The biggest change was getting students to call me by my new name especially when they had already had me as a teacher previously as Ms. Ward.”

Do you ever doubt becoming a teacher?

Mrs. K: “Not really. I love being a teacher but sometimes the pay isn’t super great.”

A lot of teachers have side jobs that they do outside of school, do you have one?

Mrs. K: “I have had many weird and out there jobs but I am also a dance teacher at Elite Performance Arts where I teach all levels of tap, little dancers ages 2-6, and the mini team for competition.”

After this interview I feel like I understand Mrs. K even more and understand why she chose to teach. Getting to know and understanding our teachers will help us help them. It will also create wonderful relationships with our teachers, that we might keep for years to come!