Opinion: It’s Time!

time to celebrate the holidays because its time. Disclaimers this is only opinions not for hate


Luis Abonce

With Halloween behind us, I believe it’s time to start celebrating the real holidays. Some of you may agree or disagree, but I believe that we should start celebrating Christmas early because, let me be honest, when we think of November we think of Christmas, not Thanksgiving. Whether it be listening to the radio in your car, or browsing the aisles of a store, all you can hear is Christmas music. When in your life have you heard a thanksgiving song?

And while yes, even though we have a week off for Thanksgiving Break, I just feel like… Thanksgiving? Don’t know her. Turkey and pumpkin pie? Big whoop. No big decorations, no décor other than fall stuff, just compared to Christmas it’s tiny.

As Mariah Carey once said, IT’s TIME!