Student Feature: Sam Bates


Bobby Turner

I interviewed Sam Bates, 12, to get his take on theatre and his experience, involvement, and recommendation to those interested in doing theatre in the future

How long have you been a part of theatre?

“I’ve been acting since I was a little kid. The first time I was a part of any kind of play was in fourth grade. But I wasn’t in any type of drama club or organization until 6th grade. I have been in theatre for six years now though. I’m proud of the time I’ve spent in it, and I’m glad I’m able to continue being in plays and musicals with some of the same people that have started out with me like Madison.”

What are some skills you have acquired over the years?

“A big skill I’ve learned is definitely the ability to adapt to change. Some shows don’t go as planned, and when this happens our presentation is everything, this audience usually never knows when a mess up happens. So I guess just the ability to improvise on the spot has been a useful skill I’ve learned because as we learn more and more about the play we can get back on track more easily without losing the meaning of a particular scene.”

What shows have you done in the past and do you have any favorites?

“Well obviously I am in the current show Triangle but in the past, I have done Cinderella, Murder on the Orient Express, and Several other productions for Capital City”.

Is theatre more of a hobby or can you see yourself pursuing it as a career in the future?

“At this moment in time, it’s just something I’m very passionate about doing, whether or  not I turn it into a career just comes with time but for right now I just enjoy being around other theatre kids and acting I don’t see a potential future.”

What is some advice you would give somebody interested in being a part of theatre?

“Just be yourself. We’ve built a family and everybody is welcome no matter how old or new you are everybody is welcome with open arms. If you want to get out of your comfort zone I would highly recommend theatre because it very much stretches you to put on the best performance of your ability and I believe everybody needs that opportunity to show what they are truly capable of, its a very good outlet to say the least. A general interest helps as well.”