Student Feature: Remi Taniguchi


Deniz Ortiz, Feature Student

Remi is a new student to CCHS from Japan, and in this interview we learn all about her love for dancing!

Q: At what age did you start dancing?

A: At the age of 16

Q: How did you start dancing?

A: At the age of 11, I started copying dance moves from videos on YouTube

Q: How long have you danced for?

A: I’ve danced for 3 years

Q: What do you dance to?

A: Hip-Hop, K-pop, J-pop

Q: Where did you dance?

A: I dance at the gym in my high school in Japan.

Q: How has your dancing experience been?

A: I love it because by dancing I have made many friendships and I would dance in front of the school and it would make me popular.