Opinion: Shortening Passing Periods


Saturn McIntire

Currently at CCHS, the passing period time is 5 minute long and with 3 floors that seems reasonable, but lets explore the pros and cons of why some may argue why 5 minutes is too long for passing periods.

Some may argue: 5 minutes is an unnecessary amount of time for passing periods at CCHS.

Let’s look at the pros and cons!


  • Less hallway traffic because students are not standing around waiting for the bell to ring
  • Faster commutes to class


  • Less time to get to class; more stressful
  • Less time to talk to friends

In my opinion I believe that we should keep the times the way they are because it is helpful to have a few minutes of grace period if you are going from the bottom floor to the third floor also its always fun to have a small chat with your friends before class.

Just a thought: What if we shorten passing period by 1-2 minutes, and reallocate that time to student lunch periods? For example, if 2 minutes were taken off each passing period (6 total), that is 12 minutes that could be added to lunch periods (or 3 minutes to each lunch). Would you be down to shorten passing periods then? Let me know in the comments!