Opinion: Newspaper Production Review


Drew Cox, Mason Ritchey

Since August, the Newspaper Production team has gotten along really well with each other. On the first day of school everyone was social and we all started to become family over the course of the year. Our teacher, Mr. Miriani, is a very chill and understanding teacher and is always there to help with our articles. There are some days we are quiet and others that we aren’t. We all have some good days and some bad days. This class is good if you are an extrovert or an introvert. The class is really what you make of it.

“Newspaper isn’t just for mental exercise but physical exercise as well. When you’re not working out your fingers typing, sometimes Mr. Miriani will allow you to throw around this rubber ball for fun if you are done with your article. Other than writing, we also get experience creating things on Canva. This class has taught us writing skills and feels almost like another writing class, but you can actually write about things that you enjoy.” – Drew Cox, 11

“I think Mr. Miriani is one of the best teachers. I had him all my freshmen year and now I get to have him all my junior year. If you don’t know what class to take, I would recommend newspaper. You get to work on the actual newspaper website, and publish work. Mr. Miriani loves to see the work we all put into our newspaper site and that is all because of the kids. Everybody loves to see the feedback they get on their paper and the statistics for articles they write.” – Mason Ritchey, 11