Opinion: Is Time Travel Possible?


Let’s just say it now: Yes, Time Travel is possible, but not the kind shown in movies.

We are traveling through time right now, into the future. Going into the past…not really. If time travel to the past is possible, people from the future would be casually roaming around. Unless they really are, and just don’t reveal themselves to us. There are a ton of theories we can develop from a scientific topic but none of them pass until they are proven.  Theoretically, though, going back to the past is possible. How? A lot of physics. Like gravitational power and black holes.

Even if scientists invented the Time machine, I doubt we would get to use it.

But if you did have a time machine just lying around in the corner one day, what would you change about your past or your future?

Callie Walsh: “I would tell myself to get into drawing earlier in life to be more skilled. ”

Samuel Sapp: “I would have joined band in my freshman year.”

Addison Rieder: “I would change when I was born, like a different time period, and took piano lessons.”

I think (based on a lot of movies)that no matter what you change about the past, you’re eventually going to end up where you are now. You cannot change it. Even with a time machine, it’s a waste of time. In my opinion, even knowing what our future is going to be like will take away all of the excitement from life. So just letting things be how there sounds like the best idea to me, with or without a time machine.