Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Review (Spoilers, Duh)


Drew Cox

Recently, I went to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on opening day and oh boy do I have a lot to say about the movie. So let’s not spare any longer, here are my thoughts and opinion about Wakanda Forever!

Namor: If you don’t know who he is, in the comics he’s basically the first anti-hero ever created. Being on both the superhero side and on the villain side. The way he was portrayed in the movie had me wanting more from the character. At the end of the movie they never wrapped up his story. They left us wanting more so they can show him again in a future MCU project. Shuri basically gave a peace treaty to Namor and he returned back to his underwater home Talokan. Namor wanted Wakanda to help them wreck havoc across the overworld. What makes it upsetting is that Namor is not entirely in the wrong with the points he makes. He is afraid of the world finding the vibranium that’s outside of wakanda cause he doesn’t want them growing in power. Primarily, the United States as they are already the most powerful state in the world, if they had access to the vibranium they could make weapons of mass destruction and endanger billions of people on the planet. The United States actually tried to rob Wakanda of their vibranium resources by sending soldiers to storm Wakanda and their resource mines. However the troops they sent did not stand a chance against the Wakandan people and their weapons. The whole reason the US stormed Wakanda was because they lost King T’Challa and the Black Panther. Lowering the power of Wakanda by a significant amount.

T’Challa/Shuri: The way that T’Challas death was portrayed in the movie was truly beautiful. During the opening scene they gave honor to the actor Chadwick Boseman who played Black Panther in previous MCU movies and the Marvel series What If. At the beginning it shows Shuri who is T’Challas sister trying to save her brother. They never describe what illness took him in the movie but it was most likely Vibranium Poisoning as Shuri seems to have been working on something to cure it. Later on it shows a memorial for T’Challa with a parade and a burial sequence. This segment really shows you how Shuri is connected with T’Challa as she mourns his death over the first part of the movie. You can really tell that she’s broken and wants nothing more than the world to burn. Which is why it was easy for Namor to get into her mind, as Namor wanted Wakanda to work with the underwater city in order to secure and protect the vibranium. Shuri however refused to alliance with Namor as later on in the movie he kills her mother as a warning to not mess with his people. When Shuri printed a flower in the lab and decides to ingest it in order to see if she can become the new Black Panther, when she was sent to the ancestral plain she did not see T’Challa but rather T’Chaka who was the main antagonist of the first Black Panther movie. Because Shuri is blinded by rage instead of loyalty. But over the course of the movie as she grows and learns what’s right she sends Namor right back into his underwater home. Overall this movie was really amazing and was probably the best movie in Phase 4. It showed what it was like to be in the boots of a villian which is something we dont get in many MCU movies.