Classic Thanksgiving Traditions


Bianca Vargas

Thanksgiving day is such a wonderful time. A time where you get to be with friends and family, eat good food, and just be thankful overall. Thanksgiving is celebrated in a variety of different ways and everyone has their special traditions.

Classic Thanksgiving Traditions:

Break the wishbone for good luck: The wishbone ( Y-shaped bone) gets set aside to dry. Once everyone is done with their meal, two people make their wishes and break the wishbone. Whoever ends up with the bigger piece of the bone is said to have their wishes come true and have good luck for the upcoming year.

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: The most famous Thanksgiving tradition of the United States. In Manhattan, New York thousands of people line the streets to watch the parade. The parade is most known for its giant inflatable balloons and decked out floats.

Play or Watch Football: Football is one of the most popular sports in the U.S. Family and friends gather around the television to watch teams compete, or some families split into teams and play a game of football themselves. The tradition of games played on Thanksgiving day has gone all the way back to 1876.

Every family is different and some families even have special traditions that only they do on a special holiday.