Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Struggles

just a little something to expect for tomorrow or if you experienced it already


Luis Abonce

As most of y’all know, Taylor Swift is going on tour. If you are not a big fan of Taylor or one of her biggest fans, I recommend going because it gives you a chance to hang out with your loved ones. But it’s not going to be that easy. If you saw on Ticketmaster, people had to sign up for a presale code, so when you were ready to buy a ticket you have to put in the code Ticketmaster sent you.

Anyway, the last day to buy tickets was supposed to be Friday, Nov. 18, but since presales sold out, Ticketmaster had to cancel on Thursday, Nov. 17 sales for general people. On Tuesday, while people were waiting to get tickets, everyone was experiencing a loss of connection to the high demand. In fact, Ticketmaster actually went down on Tuesday leaving people unable to hop into a queue and get tickets, and even if you were available to hop into the queue, then you would be shocked to see the 2000+ people in front of you.

Also while in the middle of all of this, Taylor fans actually broke Ticketmaster, so if you got kicked out, it was not going to look good. To top things off, even if you did get a chance to search for seats, the prices were out of control. Spending 1000+ dollars just to go see Taylor sounds crazy, and while I’d love to go, that fact remains that but I’m broke. Who knows, maybe it can be an early graduation gift!