Opinion: Legality of Euthanasia


Ria Chen

What’s euthanasia?

It’s an intentional way to end life with no pain.

The legality of euthanasia?

Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and several states of Australia.


  1. Everyone should be able to decide their life, this is a part of personal autonomy.

  2. It’s invaluable to keep doing medical care for people who are suffering from being terminally ill, also many of them don’t want to because of the excruciating pain. 

  3. Sometimes helping patients who are suffering from being terminally ill to die is a kinda release for them.

  4. People rather die in good dignity than with physical and mental pains.

  5. It’ll be a better choice for those families who don’t have money to pay for medical expenses.


  1. Arguing about if we should make euthanasia legal or not can’t really help those people who are suffering from the ill, it’ll only let more of them feel like their life is worthless.

  2. We should seem to take care of patients as a privilege instead of a burden.

  3. The physician shouldn’t assist patients in suicide is incompatible with their role as healers.

  4. It can easily extend to incompetent patients and other vulnerable populations, which may cause serious societal problems.

  5. The physician who helps end a patient’s life will have a unique responsibility to them.

My opinions

I will still choose to support euthanasia legal because I know there are too many patients suffering from illness, we can try our best to help them do all the things that they what to do before they leave this world, and I think that will be better than suffering from pain with no dignity every last single day of their life.