Better Late Than Never MW2 2022/WZ 2.0 Review

Better Late Than Never MW2 2022/WZ 2.0 Review

Saturn McIntire

MW2 2022 was released a little more than a month ago on all platforms on October 27 2022 with a campaign and multiplayer. The campaign was met with much praise by fans for the story and gameplay. Like its predecessor, MW 2019, the campaign offers a lot of variety in styles of play in the campaign and multiplayer and keeps fan-favorite characters center stage while introducing some other fan favorites from the original trilogy such as Soap and Ghost. MW2 is a spiritual reboot of the original trilogy released in the early 2000s to much acclaim. The original trilogy has no bearing on the new one and the story is completely different the only similarity being the names of the characters. So let’s get right into it!

The U.I

The user interfaces for MW2 leave much to be desired but it does the job with tiles to access whatever mode you’re wanting. though not aesthetically pleasing it is a rather functional interfacing seamlessly with WZ and DMZ and providing a simple experience of navigating between games. Final U.I rating 7/10

The Campaign/Story

The story was pretty good in terms of a call of duty campaign, i was pretty engaged the whole time. the actual gameplay is kind of difficult as I played on normal but that’s a non issue most of the time. 9/10

The Multiplayer

The multiplayer for MW2 is in my opinion one of the best in terms of returning to form the weapons feel punchy the graphics are fantastic, it feels great but… the SBMM (Skill Based matchmaking) ruins the experience for most players. I will have a moderately good game and then have 5 matches against tournament grade players. So for that 8/10


Warzone is more or less the same base mechanics as the first one with nerfed movement and a flatter map, there isn’t particularly much to say proximity chat is a fun new addition. 7/10

Overall rating 8.5/10