Plume Review: “Prey for the Devil”

Plume Review: Prey for the Devil

Nataly Ortiz

Prey for the Devil is an American supernatural horror film about a nun who trains as an exorcist under the Roman Catholic Church and confronts demonic possession released on October 28, 2022. The film is produced under the studio Lionsgate and is directed by Daniel Stamm.

Main Roles:

Sister Ann: Jacqueline Byers

Father Dante: Christian Navarro

Natalie: Posy Taylor

Supporting Roles:

Father Quinn: Collin Salmon

Sister Euphemia: Lisa Palfrey

Audience Review:

“It was amazing love the effects of this movie and the movie was a little scary because you don’t know when it’s coming you will feel like you want to jump here and there but good”

“This movie is very disappointing. It’s very predictable and lacks a solid background story. Don’t watch. It’s a waste of money”

Personal Review: In my opinion, I really enjoy watching it. There was some jump scares that got my friends and me. I would recommend it to horror film lovers.