Plume Review: ‘Weak Hero Class 1’


Mariah Lewis

Based on a book series, Si Eun played by Actor and Singer Park Ji-hoon usually spends all his days studying. Normally a quiet kid Sparks out in rage when a group of bullies provokes him into fighting. Though out the show Si Eun meets new friends and gains great bonds, and just when he thinks everything is looking up for him, his bully sends a gang to beat him up for payback. Watch ‘Weak hero class 1’ now and join Si Eun on his journey filled with happiness, friendship, fighting, and tragedy.

Though ‘Weak hero class 1′ came out his November, this drama gained lots of popularity worldwide. Without even being dubbed over people with all different languages watch the show using subtitles.

This didn’t feel like one of those shows that aren’t nearly as good as the book. The story was really captivating, there wasn’t a moment that I got bored and wanted to stop watching. It didn’t feel like a low-budget film, and all of the fight scenes and setting seemed like they put a lot of work into it. Though the year is almost over I feel that this drama is my number 1 favorite for 2022.

I loved how this show a lot of motion and the ups and downs of a friendship. Though the plot was really extreme it fit perfectly for the theme. If your looking for a show with a lot of action in it this is the show you’re looking it.

Overall I would give this drama a 9.5/10 only for the fact that I wanted to see more of the other characters’ background stories.