Plume Review: Inverted Umbrellas


Rylea Sanning

Inverted Umbrellas: an umbrella that folds the other way? They’re designed to fold away from you so the part coming in contact with the rain doesn’t soak you or the floor around you. While also being designed with a C-shaped handle that makes it comfortable to hold.

During testing, everyone loved the smooth c-shaped handle and the carrying case.  The Sharpty Inverted Umbrella, with its reverse-opening mechanism, opens outdoors while you’re still indoors or inside your car. This practical configuration ensures that you stay dry and look impeccable even after walking from the parking lot to make that important business pitch. When you reach your destination and close the Sharpty, rain collects inside and keeps the foyer dry. We turned the traditional rain umbrella upside-down The Sharpty Inverted Umbrella doesn’t protect just you from Mother Nature’s wrath. Its’ inside-out design closes to form a waterproof cone, collecting precipitation to keep floors and car interiors dry. Because this reverse umbrella opens from the top rather than from the bottom, it also reduces the risk of poking passers-by, making it a considerate travel and car umbrella. Every Sharpty Windproof Umbrella comes with its own shoulder-sling pouch for easy carry on cloudy days. Convenient and reliable Our upside-down umbrella boasts 6 sturdy carbon fiber ribs and stretchers, giving it unparalleled resistance to winds in excess of 60 mph.

I bought my mom one for her birthday when I heard of then she said “I absolutely love my umbrella, it keeps me dry getting out of the car when it’s raining, and I get to see the beautiful design on the inside when it’s open. It has breathable holes on the doubled-lined fabric so the umbrella doesn’t hold water and mold. I like the handle too. It makes it so easier to carry things by freeing up my hands” I got one for my mom, and now my aunt and sister too. I definitely would recommend getting one. : owen kyne Windproof Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella,  Self Stand Upside-down Rain Protection Car Reverse Umbrellas with C-shaped  Handle (Colored Feather) : Sports & Outdoors