Plume Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special


Drew Cox

Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special is a MCU Film that is Canon to the main universe of Marvel. This movie is a very emotional take on the Guardians.

Peter Quill (Star Lord): In the holiday special it was primarily focused around Peter and his past with Christmas. When he was younger he never got to celebrate Christmas as he wasn’t on earth and always traveling. The special showed the struggles he felt after what he thought was losing his whole family. Kraglin, who is Peter’s childhood friend, told others that his childhood and Christmas dream was ruined by Yondu. However later in the movie it turns out Kraglin never knew how the story ended. Yondu felt bad for his actions against Peter and gave Peter his iconic blasters. You can definitely tell during this movie that Peter is depressed or severely sad. Mantis and Drax try to cheer him up by bringing him his childhood hero Kevin Bacon. Who is an actor that played in a lot of movies and became Peter’s inspiration.

How to Watch 'the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special'

Mantis: Mantis, who is keeping a secret from Peter that apparently she’s his sister. Wanted to get the perfect Christmas gift for him because he lost everything. So she went with Drax to get Kevin Bacon to go with them as he was Peter’s childhood hero. But Kevin Bacon had holiday plans with his family and didn’t want to go. But Mantis hypnotized him into going with her and Drax to save Peter’s Christmas. When they bring Kevin Bacon to the planet where Peter and everyone else is at, Peter gives Mantis and Drax a piece of his mind for kidnapping someone from Earth, tells Mantis to snap him out of the hypnosis and when she does so he runs off. Eventually he asks to be taken home. Which they abide by until Kraglin explains that Peter needs a hero to save Christmas. Kevin Bacon then calls his wife and tells her somebody needs a little Christmas spirit. Mantis eventually breaks down and tells Peter that she is actually his sister and to him it’s the best Christmas gift he could ever have.Guardians of Galaxy Holiday Special rights movies' biggest wrong

Drax: Drax was definitely the comedic character of the whole Holiday Special. During the whole story he wanted to help Mantis make Peter’s Christmas better but he kept getting off track and doing other things. Mantis was annoyed by Drax’s actions in the beginning but eventually he changed his mind and went back to helping Mantis.Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special end credits scene explained | Radio Times

Groot: Groots story is small and the role he plays does not have much meaning in this Special. He just looks like a teenager who’s been bulking his whole life as his head is small and his body is huge. Has a very small amount of screentime and wished we saw more of him.James Gunn Explains How Swoll Groot Came to Life in GOTG Holiday Special

Rocket: I have the same issue with Rocket as I do Groot, not a lot of screen time and not a lot of meaning in the story. Yeah its cool to have him in the special but it would have been nice to see more of him.Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special brings GoBots and more to MCU - Polygon

Overall I rate this Special a 4.7/5 Stars. The Special is a very huge emotional advancement from previous Marvel movies and shows in this phase.