Plume Review: Coming to America–a Personal Review

Let’s click in and see what I experience these months!

Ria Chen


It has been around four months since I came to America, and these days I not only learn a lot of new things including culture, language, and people, but I have also made many new friends and have had many different experiences.

Learning English: First, I’d like to talk about my English ability. I took English classes from second grade before I came here, but it’s kind of different because we don’t speak English except for class time, so we might know some vocabulary, but barely know how to use them. So I have a little hard time when I first got here because I felt like people were talking too fast I can’t catch it, but it’s much better now. I can’t tell if my English really improve or not, but unless I would say I feel more confident when I’m talking to others in English!

Sports Experiences: I like to play sports, also and I also play a lot of sports. Before coming here, I speed roller skated and played ice hockey for 6 years, so I just decided to join the JC skate team when the first time my host mom took me to the rink. My coach and all my teammates are so nice to me, we went to the game in Wichita and also another game in Springfield, and I have gotten 4 medals so far! This year, I also tried out for the basketball team of our school, and while I have never played it before, it was an interesting and cool experience; I enjoy the atmosphere, kindness, and warmth of the team <3

Family Experiences: Last but not least, the experience of host families. Because of the rules of the Rotary program, we can only come by ourselves, without parents or any siblings, and we’ll have to live with three different families from here. I’m now in my second host family, there’re just too many story to share, but all I want to say is just I appreciate them for taking care of me, giving me loves, and supporting me to do the things I like to do, trying hard to make me feel like in my real family.

All in all, I’m glad I signed up for this program then, there were so many experiences that I never had before, it’s pretty cool and new! Although I know it may have lots of hard times, also sometimes will get terribly homesick but it’s still worth it because it is just like an adventure, I get so much fun and learn a lot, I can feel I change, and I appreciate all the people that give me their loves, kindness, and teach, they really make me a better person!