Plume Review: Plate and Pour


Lucia Howser

Located on 400 E. High Street is (in my opinion at least) one of Jeff City’s best  Café and Bakeries. Its menu is ever-changing but the service and quality stays top-tier. The ambiance of the store is quint but classy and every morning I’ve been there it has been filled with the pleasant chatter of its patrons. The Service was relatively quick, and from what I could see from the counter it was a very clean workspace. The actual owner was very kind and even gave us her card so that we could ask what was in each drink later.  You can see many of their decadent treats and drinks on Instagram @plateandpourbakery. Their current hours of operation are between 7 -2, Tuesday through Friday, and 8-12 on Saturdays. For this review, I decided to try three of their latest Seasonal drinks

The Snowman

Made with espresso, steamed milk, white chocolate sauce, and almond syrup “the Snowman” was probably the sweetest out of the three I tried. Personally white chocolate doesn’t taste like anything but sweetness to me but in my initial taste I could definitely make out the hint of almond which I find complimented the expresso well. I’m the type of person that drinks almond milk with my coffee but I’m not really used to actually tasting almond so it was a pleasant surprise. If you don’t like to adventure very much with your coffee I think is a great option for mixing things up a little bit. It’s just different enough to make it a treat without having to venture too far out of the comfort zone of your taste buds.

Toasted Marshmallow Mocha

If you’re looking for a more adult version of hot chocolate I would absolutely recommend this. It’s made with expresso, chocolate sauce, marshmallow syrup, and steamed milk. I really appreciate how you can enjoy the chocolate and marshmallow without it being overly sweet or rich. I can totally see myself being able to eat a cookie (or two) while enjoying this. I especially enjoyed the foamed milk on this one, it reminded me of whipped cream on a hot chocolate but more grownup.


My favorite of the three, the “Snickerdoodle” is made with expresso, cookie butter syrup, spiced vanilla syrup, steamed milk, and a dusting of cinnamon. It kind of reminds me of cookie dough ice cream but without the chocolate chips. What stands out the most in this drink is probably the spiced vanilla, I’m not completely sure how to describe it but it goes very well with the cookie butter syrup. I really appreciate how the cinnamon isn’t overpowering. Whenever I try snickerdoodle things they usually just end up tasting like cinnamon and sugar so this was very refreshing. If you’re ever craving a sugary Specialty Starbucks drink  I 100% recommend trying one of these instead. It’ll fill your sweet tooth craving without the aftertaste of American Corporate Greed.