Chinese New Year

Let’s see the most important holiday in Taiwan!

Ria Chen

Chinese New Year 

When is it?

There’s no exact date for Chinese New Year because it’s counted on lunar calendars, every year may have a different date. It begins with the new moon, sometime between January 21 and February 20 according to Western calendars. (It’s on January 22 this year)

What kind of food will we have? And their symbol?

  1. Fish — an Increase in Prosperity
  2. Chinese dumplings — wealth
  3. Whole chicken — “luck” and “wholeness”
  4. Chinese New Year Cake — a higher income or position
  5. Spring Rolls — wealth
  6. Sweet Rice Balls — family togetherness
  7. Longevity noodles — happiness and longevity
  8. Lion’s Head Meatballs — “family unity”
  9. Steam Prok Belly with Taro — “prosperity”
  10. Shrimps — “happiness”
  11. Vegetables — “spring”, “wealth”, and more
  12. Fruits — fullness and wealth

(There’s still more)  

What activities will we do?

Kids will receive red envelopes from those relatives, cousins, and family, there will be some money in the envelopes, and you have to say the blessing words to the people before you got the envelope from them.

We’ll also have a family union on different days, like some days are supposed to visit the family of mom, some days are supposed to go visit the family of dad, etc.

What’s the main meaning of this holiday?

There are a lot of outlanders nowadays, some are because of work, some are because of school, and we’ll usually get like two weeks or more days of during this holiday so that it can let those people who are far away from their home country go back and have a union with all the cousins and family, not only make everyone closer but show the loves.