Roaming Reporter: Central Dairy Ice Cream Parlor


Bianca Vargas

Central Dairy is such a classic place to go to and a favorite to many locals especially during the hot summer days. Open in Jefferson City since 1934, but around since 1920, this legendary ice cream place offers a wide variety of flavors and treats. Central Dairy has kept its traditional design of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, and visitors can enjoy their tasty treat at the window booths or take it outside and enjoy the sun.

Central Dairy offers tons of flavors including vanilla, no sugar vanilla, chocolate, extreme chocolate, banana, bear claw, birthday cake, black walnut, brownie fudge, burgundy cherry, butter brickle, butter pecan, NSA butter pecan, caramel caribou, cherry vanilla, chocolate almond, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate mousse, coffee, cookies-n-cream, fudge ripple, jamocha almond fudge, mint chocolate chip, monkey business, moose tracks, extreme moose tracks, mother lode, peppermint stick, pralines-n-cream, rocky road, salted caramel brownie, salted caramel toffee crunch, strawberry, strawberry cheesecake, Texas pecan, tiger tracks, lime, orange, rainbow, and raspberry.

So whether it is hot or cold, head on down to Central Dairy. It’s open all year long!