Roaming Reporter: Columbia Asian Markets

Let’s see what I found in Asian markets!

Roaming Reporter: Columbia Asian Markets

Ria Chen

Over Christmas Break, I headed to Columbia to visit the various Asian Markets and found so many foods, seasonings, snacks, and even equipment! During my trip, it was really exciting to see something from my home country!


Lee’s is a Korean grocery store, but I also found some snacks from Taiwan called Mochi. The outer layer of Mochi is made of glutinous rice, with different flavors and colors inside. In my opinion, I like the peanut butter one and the sesame one the most.

Hong Kong Market

Second, we visited Hong Kong Market. While most of the stuff is not originally from Taiwan, we still find some snacks that are similar to the brands there, like we bought noodles and preserved eggs.

Shwe Market International Foods

Last but not least, we went to Shwe Market International Foods. I was super surprised to see that they sell Tang Yuan (sweet dumplings) there, because we usually eat them at the end of the year. The dumplings mean you get one year older when the new year comes. I thought I won’t be able to have them but then we found them in the Asian market, which literally made my day <3

I was pretty happy that I can find some Asian stuff here, though like 50% of them are not really similar to the food there, which still may be homesick enough. I never know the food in my home country are that good; I guess I’ll be especially thankful for the food after this!