Roaming Reporter: The Capitol & Museum


Saturn McIntire and Drew Cox

When you walk into the Capitol they put anything metal on you inside a box and you walk through a metal detector. When I was last there they had two guards standing in the front. They were pretty nice and I actually had a conversation with them. Once you get your stuff back you are free to walk around the capital, which is mostly empty space and your voice will echo throughout the building. It’s a very quiet place with not a lot going on the inside. You can walk freely around the museum which has a lot of artifacts from a period way before ours. While they are interesting to look at, you won’t find yourself looking at them very long before feeling an immense amount of boredom. They are nice to look at for a one time visit but you won’t find yourself coming back and looking at them.

On the outside of the capital are several interesting features including a fountain and the world was one monument. The general area around the capital is very beautiful and well maintained  with fountains dotting the yard. There are sidewalks that wrap around the capital and lead into the downtown area as well as the governor’s mansion and associated garden which are both very beautiful in their own right. The actual capital building is also very beautiful with marble and metal statues.