Time Management


Rylea Sanning

Time management is important for all teenagers in high school. Whether it’s in your class work or in your everyday life, it makes your life more organized and helps you to build confidence and management in your everyday life like work or your extracurricular activities.

Time management keeps you on track to get the things that you need to be done and to learn more effectively in school.

Effective time management can help you to be more focused at school, work, or everyday life, increasing your efficiency and enabling you to accomplish more in half the time. So, how can we as students learn to manage time more effectively? Using scheduling and planning can help you beat procrastination, stay focused, and be more productive.

Dedicating a specified amount of time to a particular task helps you focus on it. Instead of working on a given task with no specific time assigned, you can complete the same task by sticking to a time plan. Without a time plan, you might completely forget to finish a task. Appropriate time management makes one more effective and encourages you to give your best to what you are doing and what you can, this will help you achieve your goals much faster and accurately.

Setting a goal to achieve is another effective way to motivate you on staying on task and get your work finished. Make sure to separate your big goals from smaller goals and then working towards all of them, make sure to be realistic with your goals and the time limit you expect to achieve them in. keeping time management is only hard if you make it hard.