The Glory: Kdrama TV Series

Deniz Ortiz

The Glory” (2022 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary - Kpopmap

The Glory is a South Korean TV series there is 1 season and 8 episodes, and currently streaming on Netflix.

This series is about a  young woman named Moon Dong Eun who survives being horribly bullied in school and is on her way to getting her revenge on her school bullies.  The bullying was so bad she dropped out because no one will listen to her or help her.  She was burned with a curling iron on her arms and legs, they will punch her and choke her they wanted to see if she will pass out and if she didn’t they will just do it again.  They left her with scars and trauma, etc.  Years later she is now an adult and is planning to ruin those who bullied her she wants to make them pay for what they did to her.  She especially waited for Park Yeon Jin the leader of her bullies to get married and have a child.  Now Dong-eun is an elementary teacher she is the teacher of Yeon-jin’s daughter.  Also, there will be a part two to The Glory coming on March 10, 2023.