Bermuda Triangle Theories


The Devil’s Triangle, (a.k.a The Bermuda Triangle) located in the North Atlantic Ocean, is where many people, ships, and aircraft are said to have disappeared. The first accident happened in 1779 when a couple disappeared when sailing in the West Indies. Since then, many theories and assumptions have been developed to explain the mysterious events that followed.

Here are three that I found to be the most appealing:

  1. Methane Gas Theory:  The high levels of natural gas released from craters in peninsulas surrounding the regions makes the density of the water too low for ships to float. The gas forms air bubbles with the capacity to sink ships when above it.  Though this theory is convincing, it does not explain the disappearance of airplanes above the ocean or the people that vanish from ships.
  2.  Waterspouts: Ocean tornados that rise to over 100 feet can also be a reason for the mysterious disappearance.  These “water tornados” strike the ocean and cause a change in pressure. The forceful effect of the waterspouts could make planes and ships crash within seconds. But if this theory was true, why is there no evidence of something so detectable?
  3.  Human Error: The “mysterious accidents” could have no mystery. Human error in navigation and control could be the reason for all the accidents. The Bermuda Triangle region, between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico is a heavily traveled area. This simple theory could be true but, why is it that the ships and aircraft “disappear.” Why are they never recovered if they had just sunken or crashed?

Here are 2 of the most bizarre theories I found:

  1. Aliens: Obviously. This theory says that the Bermuda triangle region is a “portal” for aliens into the earth. People have claimed to have seen an “unidentified object” in the sky over the area. This theory needs no further explanation.
  2. Atlantis: I don’t know what to say about this one. People claim that the lost city of Atlantis uses technologies to manipulate the ships and aircraft above it. What surprises me is that a person named Charles Berlitz wrote a whole book about this.

Do you believe that there is really a mystery behind these strange happening? Or do you think it’s just another conspiracy theory?