FFA Valentine’s Day Roses


Lucia Howser

Since Capital City’s inception, we have carried along the tradition of vale-grams. Vale-grams are items (like flowers or candy) that you can purchase to be delivered to a special someone on Valentine’s day.

This year, the Nichols Career Center FFA Chapter is offering roses for purchase. As of February 7th, they currently have a booth set up in the cafeteria during lunch. The roses come in 3 different colors; red, white, and pink. Traditionally, red roses signify love and passion, pink roses show gratitude and admiration, and white roses mean youth and purity.

You can buy a wrapped single rose for $10 or upgrade to a vase for twelve. The wrapped roses include a water pick to keep the flowers fresh and the vases come with a decorative bow. For more than one rose, they automatically come in a vase. Multiple roses come in sets of 3 for $20, 6 for $30, and 12 for $50.  Messages can also be sent via card for your special person (or even yourself/self-love is important). You can pay in either a check made out to the NCC FFA Chapter or cash.

For additional information or requests contact Ms. Longan in room 120.