The Scoop about Working at Walmart

The Scoop about Working at Walmart

Mason Ritchey

Did you know Walmart is the largest employer in the world? If you have ever had an inkling to work in retail, here’s a few FAQs about working at the retail giant.

How long have I been working at Walmart?

I’ve been working at Walmart for almost a month now.

Of all places, why did I decide to work there?

I decide to work there because my sister helped me get the job and I like working for other people.

How much do you make?

I currently make 14 dollar per hour.

Are there any special perks like discounts you get for working at Walmart?

Two special perks about working at Walmart include a 10% discount, and health insurance.

What can you expect on your first day?

On your first day, you can expect to go through some training, but most importantly be shown the ins and outs of the building. It’s important to know where to report to each day.

What is the required dress code for work?

When it comes to a dress code, you are allowed to wear a simple shirt and jeans, it’s just important that it is not a shirt with any inappropriate prints on it. You are required to wear a vest to help identify you to customers as an employee.

Would you suggest anybody to work at Walmart?

I would suggest people to work at Walmart because it is a good way to keep busy, and the people that work at Walmart are typically really nice.