Personal Hobby Feature: Ryan Barnes


Lucia Howser

Ryan Barnes is a senior at Capital City High School. He is Boy scout and member of the CCHS Orchestra. In his free-time, Ryan enjoys collecting several things, one of which happens to be Vintage Magazines.

What is your hobby?

  • “I collect vintage Magazines.”

How long have you been collecting magazines?

  • “About a year and a half.”

How many magazines have you collected so far?

  • “A lot, over a hundred…probably around 15o magazines.”

Why did you start collecting magazines?

  • “I’m curious about the past, they also give me a different perspective of the times they were made. “

What made you start collecting magazines?

  • “I started after I found some at my grandparents house.”

What is something people would not expect comes with a hobby like this?

  • “It’s pretty easy to get into, you can find them online or at antique stores. You could probably also find them at yard sales.

Does collecting magazines ever interfere with school/your personal life?

  • “No, It’s really just a hobby so its not my first priority.”