Personal Hobby Feature: Kayla Overall


Rylea Sanning

Lots of us here at CCHS have many different hobbies and jobs or things we do in our free time, but Kayla Overall is an 18-year-old entrepreneur and owner of her own business, The Mula Collection; a company specializing in jewelry, mink lashes, and other beauty products. Kayla’s hobby is her job, and she takes lots of pride and joy in her business and how it makes her customers feel.

Kayla has owned her own business for 3 years now. With her hard work and dedication, maintains a very upbeat schedule, she not only runs a business at this young age but she’s also juggling school, and being a manager at Popeyes. She says it’s a struggle to manage time at points, but she makes it work well.

When it comes to running a business it’s not always sugar spice and everything nice, Kayla says “most people would underestimate the amount of money it takes to put into a business. You’ll spend more than you think.” But what Kayla enjoys most about her hobby she says, “I love making girls feel confident simply by the products I sell. It makes me feel good about myself and opens my eyes that I DO have an impact on people.”

Students like Kayla are motivation to others to always reach for the stars and do what they love no matter what others may say.

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