Top 5 Unusual Animals

Deniz Ortiz, Unusual Animals

When it comes to the animal kingdom, there is no shortage of animals that have unique characteristics. Whether it be where they live, what they eat, or their appearance, here are 5 of the world’s most unusual (but unique) animals.

The “Smiling” Irrawaddy Dolphin of Myanmar Is Being Hunted Into Extinction - We Love Dolphins Blog Irrawaddy dolphins are found near the coast and rivers part of the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia.  They are 4.8-9 ft, adults can weigh up to 420 lbs and they can live 30 -50 years.

Flying lemur | Types, Adaptations, Diet, & Facts | BritannicaSunda Flying Lemur aka Sunda Colugo inhabits Southeast Asia, Indochina, south throughout Thailand.  They live up to 17 years.  They are about 33 to 42 cm and their tail measures about 18 to 27 cm.  They weigh about 2.0 -2.9 lbs.

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Panda ants are found in chile. These panda ants are not even a panda or an ant it’s a wasp native to chile.  Many panda ants that do survive can grow up to 8mm and can live up to 2 years.   Grimpoteuthis, The Dumbo Octopus | Smithsonian Ocean

Dumbo Octopus has been found off the coast of California Orgeon and in the Gulf of Mexico as well as in Australia the Azores, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and New Zealand.  They live for about three to five years.  They are about 8 inches tall.

Spiny Bush Viper FactsAthesris Hispada is viper species that inhabit tropical dry forest and rainforests with flowering bush.  They can live more than 12 years in captivity and are unknown in the wild.  Males are about 29 inches and females are smaller they are 23 inches.