Passing the Driver’s Test

Remi Taniguchi

Being a young adult, one of the most essential skills you start taking on is being able to drive. Not only does it of course allow you to get from point A to point B, but it’s convenient for your family as well because you can come to school by yourself! And of course, taking your friends to something fun place is super nice!

However, there are of course risks involved with driving, so learning how to drive carefully is important.

It all starts, with practice and passing a driver’s test. Interesting fact, the age when you can get the license is kind of big different between Japan and here. You can drive the car from 15-year-old with your guardians and can do it by yourself at 16-year-old. But in Japan, you cannot get your license until you are 18-year-old. That’s why I was really surprised when I saw for the first time my friend driving.

Not only the age we can start driving, but also the test to get a license is different.

How to get it here is answering at least 20 of the 25 questions correctly on your permit test and after that, try actually driving on the normal road with an instructor grading you. You pass the practice, you get your driver’s license!

In Japan, getting a learner’s permit by passing a written multiple-choice questions about road safety and Japanese driving laws first. Next, you need to attend classes, both practical and classroom based, to prepare for your final written and driving exams. After passing the final exams, you can try actually driving. But the hardest point is passing the final exam because it has 95 questions and you have to answer 90% out of 100% correctly.

The road in Japan is narrower than here which means you can drive a little bit more free here than Japan. I think That’s why passing the test to get a license is easier here.

I’m excited because I will start to learn how to drive next year.