5 Best Things about Dogs

Bryce Ritchey

5. They Help You Sleep Better

According to Daily Paws, “In a recent survey of pet parents of both dogs and cats, dog owners whose pups sleep in bed with them reported fewer disturbances than their cat-owning counterparts…and sleeping in bed with their pup gave them a stronger feeling of comfort and security.”

4. They Make Exceptional Coworkers

For centuries, dogs have helped people for purposes of hunting, herding, and navigating places safely.  Even today, dogs still work alongside their human counterparts in great numbers. For example, K-9 units help law enforcement and first responders perform a variety of safety tasks. Service and therapy dogs help their handlers navigate life with a sense of stability and freedom. Farm dogs protect livestock and herd animals to pasture.

3. They Lower Our Stress Levels

Various studies suggest that dogs can actually help manage stress, and research has shown that being around a canine companion can have a calming effect on humans.

2. They Are Great Company, No Matter What You’re Doing

The companionship of a dog is like no other. Dogs can be your best friend and are known for always wanting to do things with their owners. Want to go for a run? How about a car ride? Both things that dogs love. Lounge on the couch and munch on treats? Heck yes!

1. They Provide Endless Entertainment

Whether it’s running around the house or the park, there’s nothing that says “pure joy” like dogs at play. The antics of animals are always worth it when it comes to providing endless entertainment.