5 Best Things About Owning a Family Business


Bianca Vargas

You will typically be given three choices when it comes to a job. 1) You can choose not to work, 2) You can for someone else, or 3) Start your own business. Starting a business can be very nerve wracking and scary, but that shouldn’t hold anybody back. I know this from experience, after my parents decided to open up their own restaurant, La Doña Mexican Restaurant, in 2022.

Here are the 5 Best Things About Running a Family Business:

  1. More Flexibility: Everyone will work together to make sure everything is completed in a timely manner every day of the week. Within a family there shouldn’t be many problems having to cover for someone when they are ill or an unexpected matter comes up. 
  2. Higher Level Of Commitment: For every family member that relies on the business for financial situations, they will be ensuring full commitment for success.  
  3. Family Time: At times it’s really difficult to get family time with so much work in the way. Having a family business allows for both, because it allows for more flexibility.
  4. Provide Employment for Others: It’s easy for some to find jobs, not so much for others. Having a business of your own allows you to employ needed people. Especially family members who you know and may be struggling to find a job.
  5. You Work For Yourself: You create your own schedule, and make your own income, you are the one in charge and running the business.

There can be both bad and good things that come from running a family business, but the positive always outweighs the negative.