The 5 Best Things about Japan

Remi Taniguchi

Do you like Japan? Japan might have a unique culture for you, but I’m sure that there are a lot of special stuff in Japan. What do you think about when you hear the word “Japan”?  Here are the top 5 things in Japan, in my opinion.

1. Food

Japanese food is amazing. There are a lot of Japanese foods which are also popular here like Sushi, Tempura, Ramen and so on. I know some people don’t like fish but I can tell many people like Sushi by the Japanese restaurant “Love Sushi”. Every time I go there, it is crowded. I’m glad because it tells me they like Japanese food. Also my host family and my friends often take me “Fuji” which is also a Japanese restaurant. It is fancy and the moment I enter there, I’m always so excited. However, I want to tell you that Japanese food in Japan is the best. I know I don’t even have to mention this but if you like Japanese food, you should go to Japan and try a lot of them.

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2. Clothes

We have a Japanese traditional clothes that is called “Kimono”. Basically, it is for women. We wear it on special days, like celebrating something. Some of them wear Kimonos at wedding parties. Of course wearing a wedding dress is really pretty but Kimono also makes the difference an aura of elegance and gentility.  Not only Kimono but we have also “Yukata”. We usually wear Yukata in the summer. You will see people dressed in Yukata if you go to the summer festival in Japan. Both of them, women and men wear it that is the difference between Kimono.


3. Transportation

We use “Train” as a transportation a lot. When you go to school, work, hang out, a train is necessary. I don’t know the train here because I have never used it but in Japan, it will never be late. It always comes on time and leaves on time as well. Also we have “Shinkansen”, Bullet Train in English. It is a high-speed train. When we went on a school trip, we used it. However, one of my classmates couldn’t make it to get off it because he went to the bathroom and our principal went to pick him up to the place which is about a hour from where we were.  Train never waits for us so we have to be careful. But riding on it makes me very excited because using Bullet Train means going somewhere far away.

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4. Culture of “Keigo”

Keigo is parts of speech that show respect. We have a culture that is respectful and polite to older people. So when you talk to them, you have to use the form “Keigo” to show them your respect. Not only to old ladies and men but also you have to be polite to your senior at school. There is only 1 or 2 years apart between you and them, but it is a really important thing.  Honestly, I feel this is annoying sometimes but being polite is much better than being rude. I’m proud of this Japanese culture.

5. Education

Japan has a high-quality of education. Japan is renowned for it’s excellent education system and is the top-performing country in reading literacy, math and sciences. The system of school in Japan is 6 years of elementary school (7-12), junior high school (13-15), and high school (16-18). We are divided into some classes and we usually take the same classes with them. Japanese school starts in April and ends in March. The big difference from the school here is that we just have one month as the summer vacation. And teachers have us do a lot of homework during it not to forget what we have ever learned. It is so annoying for us but it helps us a lot with studying.

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These are the best 5 things about Japan.

Of course there are many other good things left.

If you are interested in them, why don’t you come to Japan?