Kids First Bond Issue


Yumia Robben

With many seniors at CCHS, one important upcoming date is April 4th, a chance for many seniors to cast a vote for the first time. One important issue on the ballot pertains to JC Schools zero-tax-increase bond. This campaign, called The Kids First Bond, pertains to several aspects of the JC Schools district, and below are the target areas to which this funding will go:

  • The construction of an early childhood center

The addition of a new early childhood center would service roughly 150-300 children. It has been proved that starting education at this age leads to a lower percentage of high school dropouts.

  • Upgraded technology K-8

In both high schools, all classrooms have large touchscreen smart boards that allow teachers to give instruction with ease. If passed, these boards would be available in every classroom in the JCPS district.

  • Renovation of Lewis and Clark and Thomas Jefferson Middle Schools

Both of these schools are thirty years old! If passed, both schools will undergo some much-needed renovations.

  • Expansion of Nichols Career Center Courses

Nichols Career Center is a trade center that hundreds of students utilize in Jefferson City. If passed, more courses would be made available.

  • Replacement of sound and light equipment at The Miller Performing Arts Center

Miller Performing Arts Center opened in 2005 with new state of the art equipment, but as time has passed, equipment has taken a toll. If passed, the sound system, light system, and curtains would be replaced. Not only is Miller utilized by JCPS but by local theatres and Helias Catholic as well.

Other areas include a remodel of Southwest Early Childhood Center, JCAC, and Belair Elementary. Also, a portion will go toward the completion of athletic facilities.