5 Best Things about Working as a High School Studnt


Rylea Sanning

Being in high school can be stressful enough as it is with all your school work and extra curriculars you may have or participate in, but working a job on top of that can make things really hectic. A lot of  teenagers in high school work jobs or have some type of source that we make money off of, whether it’s working at a fast food place or watching children on the weekends.

Having a job in high school comes with lots of stress and time stretches in your schedule. Working after school can lead to being tired the next morning for school again, and it also can shorten the amount of time you have for homework at night, so you have to work hard to get in done in actual class. But don’t get me wrong working a job in high school has its many pros too.

Here are the top 5 best things about working a job in high school:

  1. Working a job offers a paycheck, and who doesn’t love some extra spending money when going out of the weekends or with your friends
  2. It provides you a since of independence, you have to keep up with a schedule keep your time managed in a good way shows you how hard work really feels.
  3. It gives you a choice of sacrifices, you cant always go out and have fun or hang out with with your friends all the time when working a job you have to sacrifice social time and events to work that job.
  4. A part-time job can provide both training and experience, in man aspects of your life with school work social skills and ability.
  5. Finally, Employment teaches students about responsibility and can also help them apply what they are learning in school, to real life situations.