5 Best Things About Brazil

Drew Cox

5. Many Brazilians love fresh fruits and vegetables such as okra, coconuts, corn and beans. Many traditional dishes contain beans, rice or manioc flour. The most favorite dish in Brazil is probably the feijoada, a bean stew made with pork and rice.

4. The Cangaco are a group of criminals, but a symbol of Brazilian culture. There is still a discussion to this day whether they are good or bad, but Cangaco is a crucial part of Brazilian culture. Maria Bonita was a member of a Cancago band in the 1920s. Maria Bonita means “Beautiful Maria.” She has a statue of a folk heroine in Brazil.

3. Brazil is a northeast culture where other parts of the country have different customs. It’s a very big place and there is a place called “Sao Joao” which translates to Saint John where we are from. There is a festival where you ride mechanical bulls violently, and you have a high chance of falling off while riding it. It’s on June 24th.

2. There is something called Carnival which is a national holiday in Brazil which lasts a day while the partying lasts a week. During Carnival sometimes people wear cangaceiro costumes with weapons and all. And some sing “Paraiba” and some other songs. Carnival is on February 21st. But this year the holiday started on the 17th and it can end on different days for some people. The holiday can last until the 22nd, which is called “Wednesday of Ashes”. 

1. Brazil has some beautiful beaches. Some that don’t have a lot of people and you can visit freely. 

(Credit Alice C. Freire, my girlfriend in Brazil)