Top 6 Movie Theater Candies


Mariah Lewis

When it comes to the movies, let’s be real, the concessions are expensive, so while many people love to sneak in their favorite treats, these candies are typically found at every theater. So, if you’re willing to splurge, here are my top 6 candy suggestions when it comes to the movie theatre.


Chocolate is a classic, but Whoppers are a different sort of beast. These malted milk balls with an artificially flavored chocolatey coating. Originally made in 1996, the company gained a lot of popularity from its crunch.


Twizzlers are a chewy candy licorice type of candy, and usually the most popular flavor being strawberry. First created in 1929 by the company Young & Smylie, Twizzlers were then bought by Hershey and are now the candy we know and love today.


These classic candies made a turnaround when they introduced their theater box-style packaging, and these small chocolate candy is a fan favorite for “melting in your mouth, and not in your hand”.


Want a chewy candy but don’t want the sourness of Skittles and Sour Patch Kids? Dots are a fun cone-shaped fruity chewy candy perfect to satisfy people with a sweet tooth.

Sour Patch Kids 

Sour Patch Kids are chewy and sour candy usually in the shape of funny-shaped children. This candy is really popular in the sour candy category, for it being less sour than others, and able to taste the fruity flavor.

Milk Duds 

Milk Duds are a harder Chocolate caramel chewy candy, shaped in round blob-like shapes. The candy is famous for its easily meltable outer chocolate over and its hard chew inside caramel.