Surviving Senioritis


Rylea Sanning

Everyone student has their own limits on how much energy and effort they put into school, but by senior year most students hit their limit, developing something we all know as “senioritis.” What is senioritis? Is it even a real thing?

Well of course it is. No, it’s not a disease or a sickness you can catch from seniors, it’s a loss of motivation or will to keep doing your work for school, being a senior I can say the last few months are definitely had a push threw. Senioritis is brought on by many different things and looks a lot different for everyone. Most commonly brought on by the “End-Goal Mindset”. Lots of seniors head off to college and lots of others just have plans to graduate and move on to other things in their lives, this is why most seniors see they have done everything they need to do, to reach that goal and begin to slowly stop showing interest in their school work.

When coming up on their last year of high school some seniors’ main focus coming up on their last year/month of school is what they will do in the years to come following graduation. The main focus is to stay on task and keep motivated all the way to the end.