Starbucks in Japan

Remi Taniguchi

Most people love Starbucks, and I can tell it because a lot of students come to the school with a cup or two. Some students have asked me “Is there a Starbucks in Japan?” Yes, we have it, and it is really popular as much there as it is here.

Basically, the menu is the same as here. We have coffee, Frappuccino, and some cookies too. However, they don’t sell much water bottles like here. I think selling them is really cool because of the fun designs.

I don’t know if it is also held here or not but in Japan, we had the campaign which is like they sold Frappuccinos flavored with famous foods in each region.スタバ】ぶどう、ほうじ茶、ちんすこう…サマーシーズン第3弾のフラペチーノ3種類が再登場決定! | CLASSY.[クラッシィ]

Another difference is the size. The sizes in America are substanitally larger than sizes in Japan. I’m not sure but when I went to Starbucks for the first time since I came here, it surprised me because I feel the size of grande is like the size of tall in Japan.

It is interesting because there are few differences of Starbucks in each countries.